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This tour is of a 3-4 block area of the NULU district, in downtown Louisville.  I decided to create a walkable tour, beginning and ending in the heart of the shopping district. As one of the muralists whose street art is on the tour, I know the other artists and asked them to share a little about their pieces with me.  This tour includes work by Often Seen Rarely Spoken, The Art Cartel, and Kacy Jackson (the Art of Kacy), among others. Each artist’s social media handles are seen on the map in orange. My notes are a combination of research drawn from media articles and the artist’s commentary.  The scavenger hunt is an easy, family-friendly way to create competition and keep kids engaged.  Note: Items on the scavenger hunt may be found between walls as well!   


This tour is about a 45-minute, easy walk that takes you in a circle, ending near the corner of Market and Shelby.  A cardstock print of this mural tour map is available at Revelry, the boutique/gallery that features my work. 


If you use these free resources and would like to leave a tip, I’d greatly appreciate it.  Proceeds will help me produce more educational content around Louisville Street Art. 

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Suggested Tip: $7

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